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The Great (Deer Free) Outdoors


While I enjoy wildlife and really have no problem with the menagerie of species that enter my yard, the single most destructive force on four legs are the brown-eyed, lithe and nimble deer.  Rather than fight this marauder,  I nurtured perennials that are not enjoyable to their palate (or so I hoped).  I have been fortunate to nurture my garden for the past 3 years with (shhhhhh) good results.  Maybe I will jinx myself by posting this but deer resistant gardening is possible with careful planning the right varieties of plants strategically placed out of grazing range and Voila……a wonderful place to enjoy.

Early Spring



Beautiful kitchens to nourish you


Simple is better…’s kitchens highlight the best technology married to classic, straightforward style for a timeless addition to your home. Investing in such a design almost guarantees successful meals, memorable special occasions, and comfortable surroundings for your everyday life.  The beauty in the designs shown is that you can incorporate the smallest ideas, such as the bead board ceiling in Mick DeGiulio’s stunning white kitchen, to smaller spaces in your home or kitchen with equally delicious impact.


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